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Auther Check

Cloud facial recognition service with smooth API supporting hundreds of Intel RealSense cameras.

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Auther Embedded

Includes Intel RealSense 3D camera for liveness detection and user authentication at control points.

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Online services

ABOUt platform

What Auther is.

Auther is an online platform allowing businesses to identify customers by biometrics, store customer's biometric, and protect biometric against illegal usage by 3rd parties.

Biometric infrastructure

We provide all the infrastructure necessary for the secure storage of biometric data. We manage to store biometric data anonymously and in partnership with Amazon also securely.

Secure hardware

We use equipment specially developed for enterprise companies on which our software works safely. The cryptochip will not allow copying our software or the data with which it works.

Back-office dashboard

We have created an easy-to-use back office that allows you to manage your business face recognition system online. Access the biometric authentication service with just a few clicks.

Depth camera

We use a special Intel RealSense depth camera to prevent the illegal use of your customers' biometric data, which allows us to determine the biometric data belongs to a live person.


Solution from Small to Large enterprise.

Fast integrated software and hardware within any infrastructure. Purchase one of Auther Embedded hardware with Intel RealSense camera inside to make facial recognition work for your business.


Grant access to the transportation systems, workplaces, governmental buildings, restricted areas with your client face only. Remove ID cards and tickets, prevent long identification processes.


Modify ATM with an option to choose facial recognition as primary or secondary authentication unit. Guarantee security during financial operations.


Automate client interaction with loyalty program, prepare personalized offers. Automate upsells using customer biometrics verification.


Enable immediate transaction at cash desks. Increase customer engagement in your loyalty program. Provide better service with fast-moving queues and unique customer experience.


features in one platform

3D camera support

Auther Chech is able to connect with numbers of 3D cameras in client possession.

Liveness check

Anti spoofing against fraud. Depth image analysis and checks for human face to be alive.

Face analysis

Detection and further analysis of human face positioning in front of the camera.

Face identification

Search and comparison of the most similar person in the database. Match accuracy-98%.

Double encryption

Biometric data encoded into SHA-256 hash and encrypted by RSA-2048 .

API interface

Developer-friendly interface. Optimized REST API structure. 3-in-1 request.

Become a leading business with biometric verification!

Reduce fraud risks. Reduce development costs. Build contactless for any service.



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"Riddletag uses Amazon’s facial recognition technology to allow access to passengers in the Tbilisi subway in Georgia".
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Tbilisi subway has launched biometrics

"Ukrainian start-up Riddletag uses Amazon’s facial recognition technology to allow access to passengers in the Tbilisi subway in Georgia".
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Tbilisi subway is a 4th in the World

"The system... provides the option of purchasing a ticket and passing through the turnstile in less than a second with facial biometrics through a partnership with the private Bank of Georgia".
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How to collaborate with VISA, MasterCard and Amazon

"Riddletag is an Ukrainian startup that has created a solution based on facial recognition technology".
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