What Auther is.

Auther is an online platform allowing businesses to identify customers by biometrics, store customer's biometric, and protect biometric against illegal usage by 3rd parties.

Biometric infrastructure

We provide all the infrastructure necessary for the secure storage of biometric data. We manage to store biometric data anonymously and in partnership with Amazon also securely.

Secure hardware

We use equipment specially developed for enterprise companies on which our software works safely. The cryptochip will not allow copying our software or the data with which it works.

Back-office dashboard

We have created an easy-to-use back office that allows you to manage your business face recognition system online. Access the biometric authentication service with just a few clicks.

Depth camera

To prevent the illegal use of your customers' biometric data, we use a special Intel RealSense camera, which allows us to determine with high accuracy that the biometric data belongs to a live person.


Mix of knowledge and experience.

A startup needs to notice and understand when the point of its explosive growth comes, and quickly move towards it.

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Global scale

Creating 500px I attracted investment from top investors in Silicon Valley. Andreessen Horowitz was one of them.

Oleg Gutsol


A basic mental framework is just something that guides you Great questions give you a lot more than great answers.

Max Postnikov

startup expert
our story

Deliver faster and deliver better.


We started the Auther

Regarding the fast-changing world, Auther Check has now switched to an online mood. From now on the person will be able to be recognised from their phone, laptop or any device with the front camera. The connection to the Auther Check service is essential. Right after the pilot in Tbilisi subway, in January 2020 Bank of Georgia made another step in their business modifications due to the upcoming trend of facial recognition. What firstly was a possible future has become a reality. One of its ATMs was equipped with an in-built front camera integrated with Auther Check service. Simple act of money withdrawal was successfully tested.


Proven that our concept works

We continue disrupting other industries. As of today today, our clients are in the banking, retail, finance, HoReCa, transportation industries. Our goal is to make facial recognition simple and affordable for many businesses. The first successful pilot project was launched in Tbilisi, Georgia, in November 2019. Riddletag, in partnership with the Bank of Georgia and Visa, helped Georgia become the 4th country in the world with biometric technology implemented in the public transportation system.


Biometric payment technology created

We are the first company in Ukraine and the second in Europe that has updated the transactions with facial recognition technology for the retail industry.  In 1,8 seconds, the payment was made. We won an international Garage48 hackathon in Lviv.  We became members of the Ukrainian Association of Fintech and Innovation.


We started our exciting journey

We started by disrupting the retail industry with the introduction of a new technology - facial recognition. We started to work on the first prototype, and that’s how our first face detection service was born. In 2017 our founder Yuriy got the idea to develop an innovative solution that would allow retailers to switch from loyalty card programs to non-card solutions.


We do what we love and love what we do.

We are entrepreneurs, developers, and product managers who spent time building  Auther to be friendly for developers and cost-effective for the business.

Yurii Holuzynets

Founder, CEO

Witold Gantzke

Founder, CTO

Lev Tsymbala

Sales developer

Roma Prokop

Software Developer

Andrii Romanenko

Software Developer

Volodymyr Moskalyuk

Marketing operations


We hit the radars.

We are very pleased to be noticed by startup rating agencies, which out of thousands of startups around the world have marked us as a team that has the potential for global expansion and growth.

In February 2020 Riddletag was put among the top 30% of the 3000+ startups rated by Early Metrics so far.

In March 2020 Riddletag was selected into Top 6 Facial Recognition startups conducted by StartUs Insights.


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