Identity Verification for Online Gaming

Sigrid Zheng

Nowadays, there is no doubt that the gaming industry is hot and popular.

No matter children or adults, they would like to kill time by playing online games. 

There are various games in this industry, such as tabletop games, video games, etc.

However, not all the games are suitable for all the players. In the gaming industry, The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) ratings provide guidance about video games and apps, so that consumers will be clear about what type of games they can choose. 

Thus, there are two serious problems for the gaming industry, which are how to identify users’ age and how to avoid teenagers to play “Mature 17+” and “Adults Only” games.

This is why the KYC solution comes to the gaming industry.

KYC enables the gaming industry to verify players’ identities to avoid teenagers playing inappropriate games. KYC solution will be helpful to deter if the teenagers are too young to play “Mature 17+” and “Adults Only” games legitimately.

Compared with manual verification.

It’s more convenient to use an automated verification system. Players can easily scan their ID documents, such as ID card, passport, driver license and so on. RiddleID can extract relevant information to check if players’ age meets basic age policy in the gaming industry. You can reliably use KYC verification for online gaming players and meet KYC compliance.

On the one hand, after identifying players’ age and providing suitable games, the gaming companies can protect their businesses and comply with age policy, KYC compliance and other relevant regulations. On the other hand, it will help businesses protect children, to some extent, it also means businesses care about children and can build good common image and brand.

If you want to verify players’ identities and prevent legal issues, it will be very necessary for you to use KYC solution.

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